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Welcome to Living Aligned Virtual Ministry, a new way of being in spiritual community. Our focus is spiritual alignment and transformational growth through practical spirituality. Together we create and facilitate inspired conversations that lead to self-discovery, classes that evoke curiosity and practices that encourage inspired action so we may live aligned and forward to do our meaningful work in the world.

Our community gathers online, in person, and on Slack.


September Theme: Love

Welcome to September! The overall theme for this month is Love. Each week we will join Centers for Spiritual Living in sharing our perspective of the weekly topics. We begin our month by featuring 4 to 5 topics during our Sacred Conversations gathering. We will anchor each week with our weekly topic during Sacred Moments and take a deeper dive during Wisdom Wednesday.

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The Living Aligned Living Forward Podcast with Marie Kirkland

The Living Aligned Living Forward podcast is an invitation to lean into our lives as we answer the question, how do we live aligned and live forward while doing our meaningful work in the world and supporting others to do the same. Marie Kirkland and her guests share stories, gifts, practices, and lessons that have propelled them forward. Our show is an intimate conversation covering many perspectives.  Guest include spiritual leaders, thought leaders, creatives, authors, coaches and more.


Podcast Reviews

Episode 6 Review: Stepping Into Your Courage with Michelle Wadleigh

Okay, Ladies. We have a serious problem. I think I’m now madly in love with you both. Sigh.

SERIOUSLY! I listened to your podcast on my flight to Dallas the other day and I’m sure the passengers around me were wondering what my gasps were all about. The bottom line is that Michelle’s comments about not being able to be judgmental when we are curious resonated with me so much.

This topic (curiosity v. judgment) will be the basis of my blog next Thursday. I’m giving full credit where credit is due and will also be sharing a link to the podcast. I love what you’re doing, Marie, and you’ve given me the encouragement to think more seriously about adding a podcast to my own ministry.

You are both loved and appreciated! I hope my notations of your work and contacts will further your exposure to the world. You are both unique and so very vital to our movement, and perhaps more importantly, the love and peace of our planet.
— Terry Drew Karanen